Our collection includes glamourous hairstyles, designed by Esmael Gilis, inspired by the warrior queens from epic series such as Game of Thrones. Warrior Queen fashion is powerful, sexy and mixed with adventurous elements that bring out female power and sensuality. These hairstyles offer the modern woman a glamourous look with an air of mystery. In order to turn you into an exquisite style goddess at all your social events, we offer a collection of designs including elegant chignons and fantastic hair designs with new textures.

Wedding menu A: STYLE TEST

One of our bridal team specialists will take half an hour to discuss your needs and try out a few preliminary ideas. The ideas will be photographed so we can look at the results together and decide which style will suit you best. € 90

Wedding menu B: HAIR-UP

Following the STYLE TEST, our bridal stylist will perfectly design the chosen style with all necessary details in order create a perfect representation of the appearance of your wedding hairstyle on your “Big Day”. € 65

Wedding menu C: MAKE-UP

Our make-up artist will take one hour to discuss various ideas with you and try out a few different looks. € 65


This is a one and a half hour appointment aimed at perfecting and refreshing your hair colour, three days to a week before your wedding day. € 78

Wedding menu E: BRIDE SHAPE-UP

This is a one-hour appointment with one of our Heads stylists to create the perfect cut for your hairdo. This is especially designed for those who do not want to put their hair up but want a festive look for their big day. € 53

Each package can be booked separately.

  • Book 3 of the above menus and get a 10% discount.
  • Book 4 of the above menus and get a 15% discount.
  • Book 5 of the above menus and get a 20% discount.




Your hair should not be a last-minute consideration. Remember that your hairstyle can make or break your look. It is important to research the different hairstyles you can choose to suit your overall style, including your clothing, the height of your shoes, jewellery, etc. Book your appointment early and try out the hairstyle chosen for your big day 2 to 3 times.


Although your hair is an important factor, you certainly do not want it to be something to worry about on your big day, when you will have more than enough on your plate as it is. Trust your stylist and be honest about what you want and what makes you feel happy and comfortable. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable with your haircut while you should be enjoying the occasion. Remember: Less is sometimes more.


Opt for a lightweight veil or tiara otherwise your carefully crafted haircut may start to sag before you make it to the reception. Inform your stylist beforehand of the type of accessories you want to work with, as we sometimes build entire hairstyles around accessories and we need to be aware of the opening and closing mechanics of the accessories. GOOD LUCK!



The salon provides an intimate setting for bridal parties and special occasions, if properly arranged in advance. Your guests will be pampered from head to toe