House Rules

When we welcome guests, we want to make sure that everyone has the best experience possible, so we have drawn up a few guidelines to guarantee that you will enjoy the experience and relax.

  • We discourage the use of mobile phones and respectfully ask that they be set to silent mode during your visit.
  • Our policy specifies that access is refused to children under the age of 10
  • For all of our appointments, time is set aside to ensure that we can provide the best service, so we ask you to arrive five minutes before the time of your appointment. If you arrive late, we will do our best to carry out your treatment. However, we do not want to make other guests wait, so we will shorten/change your treatment if your stylist needs to move on to the next guest.
  • It is crucial for clients with allergies to take a colour test before booking a treatment.


What is your policy as regards cancellations? Why do you ask for advance payment?

We ask that you inform us as soon as possible if you are unable to get to an appointment. We charge a 100% no-show fee when bookings are not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. For major jobs such as extensions, straightening, and colour corrections, we ask for an advance payment of 50% of the total amount that can only be reimbursed if you cancel at least 48 hours in advance. Advance payment is requested because there is high demand for these slots. If you have to cancel, we can offer the booked slot to another waiting guest.

Why are children not allowed in the salon?

At Heads, we encourage our guests to take a short break from their stressful lives. We have designed a peaceful and relaxing setting in which we can give you our full attention.

When our guests are relaxed, we want to make sure that they are not disturbed.

How far in advance should I book an appointment?

Most of our guests book their next appointment before leaving the salon; this ensures that you can choose the best time for you. Dates can obviously be changed. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are the most popular times for appointments with our stylists, which is why it is important to book ahead of time in order to avoid disappointment.

Why should I take a skin test?

I have been dyeing my hair for so long... At Heads, we insist on complying with the instructions of our suppliers/manufacturers in order to ensure the safety and well-being of our guests. Reactions are very uncommon, but side effects can be serious and even lead to hospitalisation. Even if a person has dyed their hair for a long time, some raw materials, production methods and ingredients can change depending on the manufacturer, which is why a skin test is necessary.

Why do you ask for mobile phones to be set to silent mode?

We all have very busy lives, and HEADS is a place to get away from it all - it can be a wonderful experience jst to be able to sit still and feel totally relaxed without being disturbed by a ringing mobile phone.

Which products do you use?


We are not a commercially developed marketing concept of a major hair cosmetics manufacturer. We are a group of creative professionals whose hearts and souls are filled with a passion for beautiful hair. Creating perfect hair is our daily mission and in that context we opt for multi-branding as it provides us with more possibilities and greater freedom to offer our guests a carefully thought-out hair care plan and a wider range of choices.


Hair Advice

Do you want more volume? Would you like to avoid damage from ceramic plates? Do you want a haircut that will keep its shape?