Esmael Gilis

Hair designer Esmael Gilis celebrates his 19th year since the creation of HEADS. Developed and grown to a high standard of quality, Esmael Gilis leads the fantastic HEADS team on a daily basis. Esmael has a unique approach to modern haircuts inspired by the constant change and evolutions in street culture, the art scene and catwalks. Creating perfect haircuts is a passion, and you can view his personal creations in the portfolio.

Iris Verbeeck

Top colourist Iris Verbeeck has 19 years’ experience in the world of colour. She is the personal colourist to an extensive clientele of fashion and beauty icons, creative and business women. Since her early childhood, she has been aware of the existence of animal cruelty and violence against Mother Nature. This has made her very conscious of the importance of working with the right manufacturers who have proper and ethical work methods and a similar philosophy. She aims to treat her clients only with the best of the best, and uses her energy to create the most beautiful colours.


By combining the most advanced techniques, the best products and equipment with progressive and personal training for every hair stylist, we guarantee a creative process aimed at developing the best and most beautiful hair creations.



The Strategy

Our team is made up of professional stylists, all equal in terms of skill, with different tasks and duties within the team suited to their individual knowledge and experience. Our stylists create personalised hairstyles for a modern and fashionable clientele. Great care and devotion are put into bringing each season’s newest trends to our clientele. Our stylists receive continuous training in our academy in order to offer our clients the highest level of professionalism. Thanks to the various specialties, we are able to offer a wide range of hairstyles. Our clients can access their favourite stylist with or without an appointment.

The Choice of Products

Our exclusive selection of hair cosmetics brands is fully in line with our work ethic. We consciously select brands to provide comprehensive care for your most personal fashion accessory: your hair. We have regular promotional campaigns enabling you to enjoy the same quality of hair care at home and perfectly style your hair until your next visit to the salon. Our products are tailored to each season. More information is available from your HEADS stylist.



  • Esmael Gilis
  • Founder & Concept Director
  • Iris Verbeeck
  • Colour Director